Dead Sea Spa Treatments

israel-SPA-stone-massageAlmost every Dead Sea hotel (3, 4 and 5 star) without exception offer spa treatments in some form or other as well as spas which are independent of the hotels. The Dead Sea spas offer a range of spa treatments as you would find in spas anywhere in the world with the addition of treatments which are exclusive to the Dead Sea region and make use of the unique resources the sea offers.

The spa treatments which may be offered by the Dead Sea spa or hotel that you visit but do not make use of the Dead Sea products include: Ayurveda/Abianga – Warm sesame oil is massaged into the skin culminating in oil libation of the forehead  and a scalp massage; Shirodhara – Sesame oil libation on the forehead (third eye) and a face and scalp massage; Aromatherapy Massages; Shell Treatment – Shells filled with sachets of warm mineral rich gel are placed on the skin, the rejuvenating minerals are absorbed into the skin; Thai Herbal Massage – The skin is massaged with aromatic oils and sachets of curative herbs; Shiatsu – Pressure points are released along the energy meridians and Swedish Massages – the four hand massage is administered by two masseuses or there is the classic massage with oil to release tension. There are a number of neck, back, shoulder, face, scalp, foot and full body massages as well as reflexology treatments, deep tissue massages and medical massages. The spas also offer bath treatments (mineral, milk, essential oils) and beauty salon treatments.

Many of the products used are locally sourced like olive oil, herbs and of course the minerals, even the basalt stones used in the hot stone treatment come from the Dead Sea region. Then there are the spa treatments which make use of the Dead Sea products.

Dead Sea Mud Massage –Warm Dead Sea mud is massaged into the skin, the mud releases its unique mineral mix and also has an exfoliating effect. The result is that your skin in refreshed, smoother and gains the many minerals of the Dead Sea. The treatment ends with a shower to remove the mud.

Hot Stone Massage – Warm basalt stones soaked in sesame oil are placed on the body at strategic points to open the body’s energy channels.

Salt Peeling – The skin is cleansed using salt granules to exfoliate while introducing natural oils. Following the exfoliation the person showers and then sometimes moisturizing cream made with Dead Sea products is applied. A similar treatment called anti-cellulites body peeling focuses on cellulite problem areas.

Anti-Psoriasis Peeling – Many visitors come to the Dead Sea to ease their skin disorders by being exposed to the unique air, water and sun but you can take it a step further and have this treatment. The peeling is gentle and pays special attention to the trouble areas. This is ideal for those with sensitive skin or rashes.

Mud Wrap – A face or body mask using the Dead Sea mud which exudes the natural minerals and aids relaxation and arthritic pain.

Moisturizing Wrap – the body is wrapped in moisturizer made from the Dead Sea minerals and the addition of aloe vera essence. This treatment is perfect for sensitive or burned skin.

Anti-Cellulites Wrap – This is a body wrap which focuses on the areas prone to cellulites. Warm Dead Sea mud and seaweed are used. This cleanses the body of toxins and promotes moist skin and elasticity.

Anti-Psoriasis Wrap – Another treatment designed for those with skin ailments, the treatment is relaxing and improves dry or hard skin.

Sulfur treatment – One of the simplest Dead Sea treatments to try is a dip in the sulfur baths. The rich mineral liquid surrounds your body and aids arthritic pain, skin complaints and muscle pain.

Anti-Psoriasis Scalp Treatment – If you suffer from psoriasis on your scalp this treatment offers a soothing mask and scalp massage which stimulates the scalp and blood flow.

So you can see that the choices are endless but you can be sure that some of the spa treatments offered at the Dead Sea are unique to the region and you have many hotel spas and spa centers to choose from.