Dead Sea Spas

What makes the Dead Sea healthy?

The therapeutic qualities of the Dead Sea are three fold.

The water contains 21 minerals (magnesium, calcium, bromine and potassium to name a few) in high concentration. The therapeutic waters with their rich minerals and natural tar help to improve blood circulation, ease rheumatism and metabolic disorders as well as nourish the skin. The benefits to the skin have become the best known therapy of the Dead Sea with many sufferers of skin complaints traveling to the Dead Sea specifically to help their condition. The high sulfur (hydrogen sulphide) content of the thermo-mineral springs found along the Dead Sea shore are especially beneficial for treating joint disorders.

The sun light at the Dead Sea has fewer of the harsh harmful UVB rays due to the sea being further away from the sun than other places (it is further from the sun because it is 400 meters below sea level). A layer of haze caused by the minerals and water vapors filters out the unwanted rays. Artificial UV light is  used in hospitals to treat psoriasis but at the Dead Sea not only is the level of UV light high but to aid the absorption of the rays visitors can spread the black Dead Sea mud on their skin. The mud also helps with blood circulation.

The air which has a high oxygen content is also therapeutic. Visiting the Dead Sea can even have a positive emotional effect as the high levels of magnesium and bromine in the air have a calming effect and reduce nervous tension. With the lack of large industries in the area and the desert location the region has virtually unpolluted air.

Studies have shown that sufferers of psoriasis, arthritis and eczema can benefit from visiting the Dead Sea. One of the more recent studies gradually exposed psoriasis sufferers to more and more sun rays and let them soak in the Dead Sea for an hour a day. This regime continued over the course of a week and showed promising results.

Dead Sea Spas

The Dead Sea Spas generally offer Swedish massage, massage for pregnant women, hot basalt stone treatments, Shiatsu massage, holistic massages, reflexology, Arvada massage, deep tissue massage and a number of treatments using the sea’s natural products like a full body Dead Sea mud treatment, mud wrapping and salt treatments where you are rubbed down with the Dead Sea salts.

Mineral Beach Spa

Situated at one of the natural beaches where mud is easily available there are also natural hot (39C   ̊) sulfur baths. A kid’s pool and bathroom facilities are on the beach. Pamper yourself here with a massage with aromatic oil or one of the other professional massages.

Ein Gedi Spa (Hammei Mazor) is situated by one of the sea’s hot mineral springs and has a Sweetwater pool as well. Here you can get treatments in the Natural Body treatment Center. The Sea of Spa is on the sea shore and exclusively for guests of the Ein Gedi Resort Hotel which takes guests to and from the sea by shuttle bus.

A Spring Touch (Maga shell Aviv) offers holistic treatments and workshops which are held in the nearby Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

Ein Bokek Climatic Treatment Center (Solarium) specializes in skin treatments especially psoriasis and treatments to ease joint pain. There is a private beach with adjacent bathrooms and showers.

At the International Beach you can find facilities catering to the religious community, separate swimming areas, kosher restaurants and a mikvah as well as a sauna, hot sulfur pool and treatments by Neot Hakikar Alternative Health and Relaxation Treatments.

Kalia Kibbutz Guest House and spa on the northern shores of the sea offers a number of wellness treatments like reiki, healing and dream interpretation as well as treatments for the body. Here you can get orthopedic massages, and massages for athletes among the usual treatments. You can also use the Kalia Beach.

In Ein Bokek (where most of the Dead Sea hotels are) you will find spa treatments offered in almost all hotels. Some of the most recommended include the Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa’s Esprit Spa, the Lot Spa Hotel with Turkish Humam, sulfur pool, heated Dead Sea pool and cosmetic treatments and the Le Meridien Dead Sea Resort and Spa Hotel.