From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea

From Jerusalem to the Dead SeaThe Dead Sea can be visited from Jerusalem for a day trip or a longer stay if you wish. The distance between Jerusalem and the northern point of the Dead Sea is 39km (about 15 miles) and on to the tourist areas is about 45km. Most travelers to the Dead Sea will be heading for Ein Gedi or Ein Bokek where the main tourist areas and hotels are located, these are a little further away from Jerusalem, south along the Dead Sea coast. The Dead Sea can be reached from Jerusalem only by road, there is no train route.

How to Travel from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea by Bus

Israel’s main public bus company, Egged has routes which run between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. You can catch these buses from platform 5 at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. The duration of the bus journeys varies between 60 and 120 minutes. One way tickets between Jerusalem and Ein Gedi cost 37.5NIS and Jerusalem to Ein Bokek 42NIS.

Jerusalem to Dead Sea by Bus

Route 421Sunday to Fridays – Departures Jerusalem: 09:45 No service of this route on Saturdays.

Route 486Sunday to Thursday Departures Jerusalem: 08:00, 08:50, 09:30, 10,30, 11,30, 12:30, 13:30, 16:15. Fridays Departs Jerusalem: 08:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00. No service on Saturdays.

Route 487Sunday to Thursday departs Jerusalem: 15:15, 20:30. Friday departs Jerusalem: 16:15. Saturday departs Jerusalem: 21:15 to Ein Gedi and not Ein Bokek.

Dead Sea to Jerusalem by Bus

Route 486 Sunday to Thursday departs Ein Bokek: 08:17, 10:32, 11:32, 12:32, 14:02, 14:47,15:32,16:32,19:02, Ein Gedi: 08:42, 10:57, 11:57, 12:57,15:12, 16:01, 16:57, 19:27.  Friday departs Ein Bokek: 08:17, 10:32, 12:02, 13:32; departs Ein Gedi: 08:42, 10:57, 12:27, 13:57. Saturday departs Ein Bokek: 18:47, 20:37.

Route 444 Sunday to Thursday departs Ein Bokek: 09:36, 12:36, 16:51,19:36 Friday departs Ein Bokek: 09:36, 12:36, 15:36. Saturday departs Ein Bokek: 19:06, 23:36.

Route  421 Sunday to Thursday departs Ein Bokek: 14:04, departs Ein Gedi: 14:35 Friday departs Ein Bokek: 14:05; departs Ein Gedi: 14:35. No service on Saturday.

Route 487Sunday to Thursdays departs Ein Gedi: 06:00, 17:45. Friday departs Ein Gedi: 06:30. Saturday departs from Ein Gedi: 19:00.

How to Travel from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea by Car

Although driving along Highway 1 takes you through the West Bank you will probably not even notice, you won’t need to go through any road blocks or border crossings. The route sees lots of traffic with tourists and travelers going between Jerusalem and the southern cities so it is perfectly safe. This is also the route that the public buses follow.

Drive out of Jerusalem on Highway 1 heading east until you reach a turn-off for route 90. Turn right onto Route 90 and head south. this will lead you to the Dead Sea and route 90 runs along the Dead Sea coast passed Ein Gedi and Ein Bokek. This route will take you approximately 30-60 minutes.

From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea by Taxi

Private taxis can be pre-booked for journeys to the Dead Sea, the trip would cost about 350NIS one way.

The Dead Sea By Organized Tour

There are regular organized tours from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. You are picked up from your hotel and driven to the sea where you can either spend a day at a Dead Sea spa or include a dip in the sea with seeing other sites in the area.