Tour options

If you want to spend an extended period at the Dead Sea there are plenty of hotels in the area and even on the edge of the water. A Sunday to Thursday stay is usually enough time to enjoy the water, the spa treatments and the surrounding sites. However if you don’t have enough time to spend an entire week at the Dead Sea then there are many tour options available for a full day and even two day tours.

What to do on a Dead Sea tour

A tour devoted only to the Dead Sea will take you to one of the Dead Sea spas like Mineral Beach Spa or the Kalia Beach Spa and can include a massage or an afternoon meal depending on the tour rate.

Tours to the Dead Sea usually include a few other sites like Mount Masada, Ein Gedi and the Qumran Caves, the most popular combination tour is to visit Masada together with the Dead Sea. Masada is close enough to the sea and both these sites can be comfortably included in a one day tour without you feeling rushed. Another popular attraction to see together with the Dead Sea is Jerusalem. On a one day tour that includes the Dead Sea and Jerusalem you can get an overview of Jerusalem including the new city and the iconic sites within the Old City and then take the drive down to the Dead Sea. If you go on a two day tour you could include Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea or Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea.

Each of the tours to the Dead Sea give you an opportunity to float in the salty water and on some of the tours you can take advantage of the Dead Sea spa treatments.

Where do the Dead Sea tours leave from?

Perhaps the most convenient place to start your tour from is Jerusalem, it is only a 30 minute drive to the most northerly point of the Dead Sea and about an hour (76km) to Ein Gedi and 107km to Ein Bokek. There are also tours which leave from Tel-Aviv, these tours take a little longer to reach the sea, Tel-Aviv to Ein Bokek is 170km and to Ein Gedi it is 135km. there are tours to the Dead Sea which originate in Eilat and drive north to the Dead Sea which is 220km to Ein Bokek and 251km to Ein Gedi. There are some whirlwind tours which pick you up from Tel-Aviv Ben Gurion Airport, drive the 120km to Ein Gedi, let you float in the Dead Sea and then whisk you back again to the airport for your outgoing flight. Most tours pick you up from your hotel whether it is in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem or Eilat.

Price of Dead Sea tours

The prices for one day tours start at approximately $100USD and for a 2 day tour the price usually includes a stay in a tourist class hotel and doesn’t include spa treatments. 2 day tour prices start from approximately $260USD.

What to take with you on a Dead Sea tour

Most important is to take your bathing suit and a towel so that you can go into the water. Also remember to take water, sun glasses, sun screen and a hat as you will be in one of Israel’s hottest areas.